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Bespoke organisational coaching programmes and workplace mediations are designed to meet the specific needs of your business or organisation. Phone Perspective Mediation and Coaching to discuss your requirements.  

Individual Coaching

Executive coaching works to close the gap between performance and potential. Through a collaborative process, an IECL certified coach supports coaching counterparts to develop greater self-awareness, leverage existing strengths, identify areas for improvement, and build skills to enhance performance. Coaching also works to align business goals and objectives with personal goals and objectives in pursuit of authenticity.

Working in Teams
Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a complex phenomenon and every leader's journey is different. Contemporary leaders face many challenges as they lead organisations through periods of rapid and transformational change. External coaching offers an environment in which leaders can critically examine their leadership style and achieve greater insight into its impact on followers. 

Workplace Mediation

Working in teams can be effective and efficient. However, it can also be challenging. Whether you work in a traditional team or a virtual team, success will be driven by elements such as team design, communication, interpersonal dynamics, decision-making, project management, and innovation. Phone Perspective Mediation and Coaching to discuss options to optimise team performance. 

Workplace disputes spread out like ripples in a pond. They can be expensive, time-consuming, disruptive, and stressful. Early intervention is critical. It is important to appreciate that conflict is not always a bad thing. Mediation assists parties to leverage the positive benefits of conflict and often serves to strengthen relationships as parties look towards the future. 

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