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Turning conflict into conversation

As a society, we are coming to the realisation that the win-lose approach adopted by our court system does not always serve us well. More and more, people are turning to mediation to resolve disputes in the hope of achieving a win-win solution. 


Mediation is suitable for a wide range of issues. The mediator manages the process while the parties manage the content. If your matter is not listed below, please call to discuss whether it would be suitable for mediation. 





From time to time, issues arise in families and extended families. Mediation helps families to have difficult conversations in a supportive environment. It addresses matters such as:​


  • Advance care plans

  • Elder mediation

  • Inheritance

  • Intestacy



Everybody needs good neighbours, but sometimes living in close proximity can lead to disputes. Disputes may arise over many different issues including: 

  • Community organisations

  • Schools

  • Dividing fences

  • Trees

  • Noise

  • Pets

Mediation has a wide range of applications in the commercial domain:

  • Real Estate Transactions / Property Settlement Disputes

  • Residential building disputes

  • Small business and partnership disputes

  • Consumer complaint resolution

  • Intellectual property​ disputes

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