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Move forward with dignity and respect 

Separation can be one of the most difficult periods of a person's life. Decisions made at this critical time will have a significant and long lasting impact on your future and the wellbeing of any children involved.


Engaging in mediation early in the transition process will give your family the best opportunity to move forward with dignity and respect. 

Dispute Resolution
Parenting Plans
Financial Agreements

Family Dispute Resolution is a voluntary process that allows you and your former spouse or partner to maintain complete control over the decisions you make for your family's future.


An accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (mediator) facilitates the process and creates a safe space for forward focused discussion. The mediator is a neutral and impartial third party who encourages parties to: 

  • set an agenda for discussion 

  • explore issues in depth 

  • generate options 

  • evaluate options

  • negotiate an agreement

The aim is to reach an agreement tailored to your specific family needs and circumstances rather than having decisions imposed by the court. 

The mediation process is relatively informal and family matters are often resolved in a matter of weeks.

Give your family the best chance to move forward with dignity and respect. Start the family dispute resolution process today. 

During the emotional pain of separation and divorce, communication often becomes strained, sometimes non-existent. Despite the difficulties, it is important to remember that every decision you make, and every action you take, will impact the lives of your child/ren. 

Perspective employs a child-focused process, ensuring that your child/ren's needs are front and centre at all times.

During mediation, many issues may be brought to the table for discussion including:

  • living arrangements  

  • time spent with each parent 

  • daycare/schooling

  • extracurricular activities 

  • holidays, travel and passports 

  • birthdays and special events

  • grandparents and other relatives

  • family pets 

This is YOUR conversation, an opportunity to discuss and resolve issues that are important to you and your family. While the mediator drives the process, you drive the content. 

Whether you were married, coupled in a civil partnership, registered relationship, or living together as de facto, there are many financial matters that require resolution as a result of separation.  


As you transition out of a relationship, you may be confronted by a maze of complex and difficult decisions regarding assets, liabilities, future financial needs and commitments, and the ongoing support of children (if you have them). 

Mediation facilitates difficult conversations and supports you to make financial agreements without the need for costly or protracted court proceedings.

Coming to an agreement outside the court system leaves more of your money in your pocket. 

While financial agreements reached in mediation are not legally binding, they may be used as the basis for an application for Consent Orders in the Family Court. 





Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is now a compulsory precursor to progressing parenting matters through the court system.

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