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Try looking at things

from a different angle.

When you change your perspective, you can change your world.

Family Dispute Resolution
General Mediation Services
Organisational Coaching

Whether you are a CEO, sole trader, contractor, employee or entrepreneur, it is likely that you face frequent challenges in your workplace. 


Organisational coaching is a strengths-based model of coaching with a focus on organisational outcomes. Coaching clients are supported to clarify goals and objectives before generating options and strategies aligned with their personal values.

Throughout the process, individuals and teams are encouraged to identify and leverage existing strengths, develop skills, learn new ways to respond, and improve relationships in order to optimise performance. 

Perspective also provides a workplace mediation service to fast-track resolution of workplace disputes.

In today's society, family relationships come under immense pressure. In some cases, couples make the difficult decision to separate.


Teasing apart lives that have been emotionally, socially, and financially entwined can be extremely challenging.


Engaging in family dispute resolution early in the transition process will give your family the best chance of moving forward with dignity and respect. 


Family dispute resolution supports separating couples to resolve parenting and property matters without the stress and expense of court action. 


Take positive action for your family's future. Enquire about family dispute resolution today.

Conflict can impact almost any area of our lives from families and neighbourhoods to communities and business. Left unresolved, conflict can result in high levels of stress and anxiety, impacting on health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

Whether conflict relates to family, community, or business interests, mediation provides an opportunity to resolve issues on a win-win basis. 

Mediation facilitates difficult discussions and provides a forum where you have the opportunity to listen and be heard. It is a powerful process with the potential to turn conflict into conversation. 

Throughout the mediation process, parties are supported to discuss issues, explore options, and craft solutions for themselves, rather than having decisions imposed by a judge.

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